Will ‘Worldview’ Flop as a First Subject?

Why start my channel by discussing worldview?

I could have swung for the fences with the catchiest, most controversial, eye-catching subjects. But ultimately, I had a thorn in my mind that I could not remove. I didn’t want to stand on the shoulders of others to reach the fruit for myself.

This is what that boils down to for me. Many channels jump right in with videos like:

“3 ways to pray without falling asleep.”

“How to find ‘The One.'”

“The phrase Christians need to stop saying!”

I totally get it. All of those titles are better than anything I’ve released so far! But I just don’t feel it would be fair for me to put my thoughts out into the world without giving a clue to how they’re grounded in reality. I fear that all I would accomplish is drawing people to my channel who already understand what I have to say and who already agree. But the dream is to have people from all worldviews watching my channel and discussing the thoughts it presents with those they love.

I dislike the pressure of coming up with the perfect formula of catchy colors, flashy animations, jump-cuts, and trending topics to sell my channel to our broken attention-spans. Sadly, it may be a necessary evil. But what I simply can’t settle for is being a channel with the only purpose of entertaining without challenging us all to think more deeply and discuss what really matters in life.

Time will tell if I’ve made the right choice.

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