Losing Our Cool Online

We’ve all seen heated online discussions about moral issues. In these exchanges it’s easy to lose our cool because we forget we’re talking to a real human. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all done it at some level!

In one lecture, Dr. John Lennox (a hero of mine) remarked that if you can’t handle the heat and stay calm in dialogue, don’t enter the discussion.

It struck me in that moment that despite watching hours of his interactions with angry questioners and dialogue partners, I’d never once seen him respond in anger. Maybe Dr. Lennox has been able to reach so many because of the consistent and respectful manner with which he addresses others.

Creating a YouTube channel is like carrying around a neon sign saying “criticize me.” I understand that the internet is not usually considered the best place to discuss political, religious, or moral issues. I think that’s because people bring too much passion to the discussion without enough compassion for others. It’s not “the internet’s” fault, it’s ours.

As I put myself out there on the internet, I have re-committed to remaining calm, loving, and respectful in all videos, comments, and face-to-face conversations. Passion never justifies brutality. Brutality would compromise TruthSNACK’s goal “to generate meaningful conversation with those we love.” I cannot simultaneously love people while being brutal with their hearts.

Is there a better way to discuss moral issues online? I’ve taken a crack at it on TruthSNACK.

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