Matt Bellefeuille

Most Christians will doubt their faith at some point. In 2010, I doubted Christianity. It was confusing, and scary, and it didn’t feel like church was a safe place to express myself. In fact, I felt misunderstood by the over-simplified answers people gave: “Pray. Read this verse. Just have faith. Are you better yet?” I needed honest, nuanced, patient, thought-through answers to life’s toughest questions.

I decided I wanted to know the truth, no matter what it was or how long it took. That commitment sent me on a multiple-year journey of adventurous truth-seeking. My journey ended up leading me back to Jesus, but I was transformed; adventurous truth-seeking had led to confident beliefs. Now, I’m passionate to help other doubters, and I started Truth Snack to give them a safe place to find honest, nuanced, patient, thought-through answers for themselves.

Truth Snack helps Christians become adventurous truth-seekers so they can believe with confidence.